We've got a couple of pieces of news that are pulling us in opposite directions emotionally, so it's somehow fitting that they're both arriving together. We're playing our last show as a band on Thursday, June 23 at SPACE in Evanston. And on that night we'll also have copies of our new two-song CD single available for purchase. It should be known that all our music and shirts will be available at blowout prices that night.

SPACE has been an important room for us, and we're happy they're hosting our final show. There are tickets available, both standing and seated, right here:

Our two final songs, Underwater and The Beginning (see what we did there?) are basically about the strongest and best sounding things we've ever done. Partly because we knew before we into the studio that they'd be our final recordings, but also thanks to the tremendous skills of our friend Matt Allison, who recorded everything we ever did. We love the way they turned out, and, yeah, the two-song CD is kind of a comically outdated concept. But we wanted a final bit something. A real, actual item.

The songs will be available for download on June 3 at our Bandcamp site exclusively. Then they're be streaming on June 10 (Underwater) and June 17 (The Beginning) in all the places that stream. Our friend Caroline Murphy did the paintings that adorn the digital artwork and physical copies, four paintings in all. Sheila Sachs did the design for the CDs. We'd wanted to put the songs out on 7" record, but we were told that Adele controlled the world's vinyl supply.

We're sending Freda off into her new life as a writer (though she's been living that life for quite a while already!), as she packs up her drums a final time. Jackie and Dag will probably hatch something together after a while, to not only keep the Sunshine Boys songs alive, but to write some new ones as well. Watch this space.

Thank you, Friends. It's been the very best, and you made it so.


Underwater/The Beginning

Available June 23. Artwork by Caroline Murphy at

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